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Rules of the Road

1) Upon booking a charter, a 50% deposit is required.

2) Any cancellations of the trip by the customer(s) should be done no later than 
3 days prior to the scheduled trip if the deposit is to be remitted to the customer.

3) If the cancellation is made within 
3 days of the booked date by the customer there will be NO REFUND on the trip’s deposit.

4) If any customer does any damages to the vessel during a trip damages must be paid in full by the customer. Local police will be notified to respond if damages are not covered.

5) If a fishing rod and reel that is supplied by the boat is lost or damaged during the trip the customer will pay for the loss or damage done to the rod and reel. (Min $300)

6) No firearms, or drugs are allowed on board, NO EXCEPTIONS. If any of the aforementioned items are brought aboard the boat by the charter, the trip will be terminated immediately with full remittance of the cost of the charter due upon return to the dock where the charter will meet with Local Police

7) We (the crew) will gladly fillet and clean your catch upon return to the dock.

8) The Captain does not CANCEL trips due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances; trips are rescheduled for a later date, agreed on by the Captain, and the customer(s). If rescheduling cannot occur due to time and schedule constraints, and/or weather, the deposit will carry over to the following year so that the trip is fulfilled.

9) If inclement weather (rough seas, high wind, heavy rain, snow, ice, etc.) occurs on the date of a given trip there are two options for the trip: A) reschedule the trip to a later date, or B) (if its possible weather-wise and fish-wise) fish the trip in the safe, calm, and confined waters of the Shark River. 

10) If there is question about the weather prior to a trip, the captain will make the call. If the trip is a go or it is to be rescheduled, Capt. Rich will contact you the day before the trip, AFTER 6PM.

11) Communicate with the Captain and Mates!! If you are having a great trip - tell them in person! Do the same if there is something we can do to serve you better -- THAT IS OUR JOB!

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