Fluke/ Seabass (730am-230pm)
 Summertime Favorite

Fluke are some of the best eating fish in NJ waters. They can weigh up to 10 lbs but 2 lbs is about the norm. They can be caught along the beaches, bays and tidal rivers and are usually fished fairly close to the shore. Fishing is best during the daylight hours.

Time of Year:

Fluke usually arrive in June and are running strong through August. Best month is June.

Wreck Fishing (Seabass/Togs)
Late Fall/ Early Spring

Blackfish are usually caught in the early spring and late fall. Fishing with Green crabs and Filddler crabs from an anchored boat works well. Any rock pile in the bay or ocean will hold fish at one time or another. Locating and catching these fish requires a good bit of knowledge and skill. 

Time of Year:

Blackfish usually like cold water so late fall/early winter and the beginning of spring are the best times.

Bluefish (730am-2/3pm)
"Monsta Blues"

Blues are noted for their great fight and fierce appetites. When a blitz occurs they will hit almost anything. Make sure to use a heavy mono or wire leader. These fish have sharp teeth that will make short order of 10 - 15 lb mono or your hand. 

Time of Year:

Blues usually arrive in late spring and will stay around well into October. Most of the larger fish are caught in the fall.


Striped Bass
(Troll-Jig-Live Line)

Stripers are on a come back in NJ thanks to the conservation measures taking place in the 80's . Several fish in excess of 50 lbs (Cows) are weighed in every year. They are perhaps the most sought after fish in the state due to their size, and close proximity to shore

Time of Year:

Bass usually arrive in mid to late April and will sometimes hang around until Christmas. The small "schoolies" are usually more plentiful in the spring and the larger "cows" are usually caught in the fall.

In-Shore Shark and- or Bluefin

$1400-Up to 50 miles

$1250- UP TO 25 MILES

Heavy gear is required for Shark fishing along with long braided wire leaders to protect against the Shark’s sharp teeth and rough skin… Long stretches of waiting are the norm while you are waiting to hook up. They are however coupled with moments of the most exciting fishing you can imagine. These majestic beasts are fighters and if you are lucky enough to hook up with a crazy Mako, get out your camera… These are probably the craziest fish in our waters and are known to leap several feet clear of the water when hooked up!

If you’ve never been out to our states under water canyons you don’t know what you’re missing. The cobalt blue nutrient rich Gulf Stream water brings all bait up to the NJ canyons every year and the Tuna along with it. The most popular species are Yellowfin, Longfin, and Bluefin with an occasional Bigeye mixed in. While fishing for Tuna there are also many other species caught like White and Blue Marlin, Mahi, Swordfish, Shark and Tilefish on the bottom. It’s like a whole other world out there. No need to go to distant places to fight these fish. They’re right here in our own back yard.

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